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About Island Independent Lifeboats


Island Independent Lifeboats is made up of the three independent lifeboats which serve the shores of the Isle of Wight.  All monies raised by the IIL Lotto will be split equally between these three services.


Ryde Inshore Rescue

Ryde Inshore Rescue are an integral part of the Inshore Rescue Services of the Solent coordinated by HM Coastguard at Lee on the Solent. The club is on call through a pager system initiated by the Coastguard, 24 hours a day on every day of the year. Its area of responsibility extends from Osborne Bay to St. Helens outwards to the mid Solent. In 2009 they attended 83 call outs assisting 271 people. Half of the incidents involved people originating from the mainland.
Although affiliated to the Royal Lifesaving Society and a full member of the Solent Sea Rescue Organization they have to raise all their own funds to maintain the service. All the money raised from Lifeboat Lotto will be spent in keeping the craft and auxiliary equipment in tip top condition - a necessary requirement if they are to go to the assistance of those in peril on the sea.

Sandown & Shanklin Lifeboat

When using the island’s surrounding waters, you can rely on Sandown & Shanklin Lifeboat crew to have your safety in their hands if an emergency arose. 
They are there 24 hours per day, 365 days per year and are trained and prepared for every eventuality, should an emergency call-out be made. 
Whatever the weather conditions, day or night and whatever danger to the crew, their purely voluntary service dedicate all their efforts to ensure you can rely on them!
With the growing number of recreational craft, coupled with commercial shipping and fishing vessels using our waters, they  are called out more frequently, all putting a strain on resources and equipment.
Without the public support they cannot maintain an excellent standard of service and this could cost lives.

Freshwater Lifeboat

The patrol area runs from Saint Catherines on the southern tip of the island to Hurst Point in the Solent and out a distance of about 30 miles into the English Channel. The cost to buy and equip a new lifeboat of the type they need to operate in all-weather out to mid Channel is in around £200,000.  Freshwater Lifeboat receives a small grant from the SSRO which contributes to their annual operating expenses of over £30,000. However the majority of these costs and all of the capital costs of boats and shore facilities is provided by fundraising from within the local community and visitors to Freshwater Bay where the unit is based.  Funds raised by Lifeboat Lotto will be a big help – please support it.